Sinopec JUSTAR J500 20W-50 Engine Oil 4L
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Sinopec JUSTAR

J500 20W-50 Motor Oil (SL/CF)



Sinopec JUSTAR J500 20W-50** Engine Oil (SL/CF) is formulated with highly refined base oils and a high-quality multifunctional additive system. This multipurpose oil can be used in many petrol and diesel passenger cars and light vehicles operating under normal or elevated ambient operating conditions, providing excellent engine protection.

**Equivalent to Shell Helix HX3 20W-50 



Sinopec Justar J500 SL / CF 20W-50 is suitable for use in:

  • Gasoline engines current or with years of operation, light trucks and trucks that work under normal operating conditions and following the recommendations of the manufacturers of maintenance programs.
  • Diesel engines of direct and indirect injection, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, operating under high loads.
  • Gasoline engines aspirated from passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles.
  • Older vehicle engines that require a higher viscosity crankcase oil.



Sinopec Justar J500 SL / CF 20W-50 meets the requirements of performance of the following manufacturer specifications (OEM):

  • Classification of API service: SL / CF
  • ACEA: A3 / B3-04
  • Mercedes Benz: - MB 229.1




About Sinopec 

Sinopec Group is the largest oil and petrochemical products suppliers and the second largest oil and gas producer in China, the largest refining company and the second largest chemical company in the world. Its total number of gas stations rank the second place in the world. We ranked the 3rd on Fortune's Global 500 List in 2017.?


Sinopec Lubricant Singapore Plant is one of the most advance manufacturing plant of Sinopec Corp. outside China. With this plant size more than 242,000 sqm focusing in manufacturing premium lubricant products and grease. Ranging from 2 stroke engine cylinder oil, system oil, 4 stroke engine oil to premium hydraulic, gear and synthetic oil. We are dedicated to offer the most comprehensive range of Sinopec’s Marine and Industry Lubricants and with a global distribution network of more than 300 ports worldwide.


??*the above information is extracted from Sinopec's website. 

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